Mon Sharade was very showy in the ring and as Jeff Little the photographer said about her, 'she was interested in looking at everything'. Her dam is the beautiful Aristocrat and Supreme Halter Champion WCA Mon Cherie, owned by Greg Gallun. Sharade has shown her strong 'will to live' and love for life over and over, leaving the medical experts shaking their heads wondering how she withstands her physical condition and just 'keeps going' when the medical evidence says otherwise.

We have done everything possible to give her a comfortable life (over 8 years since a mis-step during a workout completely shattered her long pastern, an injury with a 30 percent chance of suvival). Despite surgeries, long months of confinment, rotation on the opposite foot, she continued to thrive. When her rotated coffin bone sunk we decided it would be in Sharades' best interests to put her down. But Sharade behavior told us she was not yet ready and after a complete medical re-evaluation, it was decided to continue on and if she was up to it, to try for an embryo.

The sire had to be special, in fact extra special, as there would only be a short breeding period and truly no second chance to breed next year. It could only be El Nabila B.

The first embryo in August was 'textbook', Dr Mary Scott, the reproduction specialist and Dr Robert Morgan Sharade's attending vet were thrilled; we decided to try for another, but September's efforts did not work out. Sharade was stabilized so we decided to try one more time in October, and despite a downturn in her condition after ovulation, namely two abcesess on each side of her broken foot (the weight-bearing leg) she withstood the stress and gave us a very healthy embryo. We were all 'over the top' with excitement as it was a normal healthy embryo, a big surprise given the added stress of the abcesses. Dr Scott indicated that this is truly a remarkable mare, a standout.

I believe her two embryos by El Nabila B are Sharade's gift to us, for all the help, the love, and the agony we shared with her over the years. Dr. Scott commented that she was most impressed with Sharade's mind in how she handled the added stress to give us this second embryo; Dr Scott has seen show mares unable to produce an embryo as a result of their stress from the ring.

I am so happy to have this second embryo to improve our chances for a wonderful healthy foal. I really appreciate all the special care and attention and a big thank you to Nabila's owners for their flexibility in working with us. I know these babies will be very special. Nabila was my choice for several reasons, including his disposition, mind-set and quality semen. These babies will have the most incredible minds and be a joy to be around. I can't wait to meet them!

- Linda Von Rotz